• ISO 9001:2008 vs. ISO 9001:2015

    Congratulations to all of us. We are to have soon a new standard – the new revision of the ISO 9001 – the ISO 9001:2015. This standard (not like is older …

  • Training Human Resources

    Training human resources according to the ISO 9001 Standard requirements
    Training is one of the most important topics that the ISO 9001 Standard covers. Training could be perceived as something …

  • Documents Control Procedure

    Documents control procedure and solutions for the ISO 9001 Standard requirements 
    The job’s not over until the paperwork’s done.
    The documents control allows us to control documents more …

  • Planning of Product Realization – Part 1

    ISO 9001 Standard Planning of Product Realization
    Quality plan provides the organization with the means of implementing a quality management system throughout the realization processes; for a product, a project …

  • Supplier’s Evaluation

    Supplier’s evaluation – The ISO 9001 Standard requirements
    How well performs your supplier? This is the question! Sometimes he can cause you a real headache; Telling you stories that you …

Documents and Records Control

Records Control Procedure – Part 2

Records control procedure – The ISO 9001 Standard requirements and clarifications The ISO 9001 Standard…

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Product Realization